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Certive Announces Successful Implementation of Service Line

July 13, 2022

Cyber Health Suite enables a Cost-Effective way to Continuously Self-Assess, Validate, and Fix Identified Real Vulnerabilities at the Click of a Button.

Certive is committed to improving healthcare through technology. Certive’s strong leadership team and advisory council have deep connections within healthcare that drive product innovation and sales pipeline growth.

Certive Health Revenue Solutions

Provides revenue cycle services in the hospital space. Our flagship solution identifies, verifies, and recovers charges that should have been on the original bill but were missed.

Certive Health Compliance Solutions

Certive Health Compliance Solutions offers a cybersecurity solution that is tailored to address the unique needs of healthcare organizations and provides on-demand penetration testing to validate security risk effectiveness.


Certive is dedicated to improving healthcare through technology. Through the application of new technologies we strive to improve healthcare efficiency, patient care and data security.


Our leadership team and advisory council are accomplished healthcare executives, leaders in their fields, and passionate about what they do. With deep connections in healthcare they can drive product innovation and growth.


Certive continues to evaluate new innovative opportunities that will drive the future of healthcare. We partner with leading healthcare platforms, health tech firms, and exciting start-ups to bring new technologies to the market.


Certive has the foundation, backing and alignment to move new innovations through commercialization. We are investing in the future of healthcare.

Healthcare Process #1
Certive Health can make a significant contribution to healthcare reform while delivering outstanding returns for our shareholders. This is good for our communities, it's good business, and its an opportunity for our investors to help bring about much-needed change.
- Tom Marreel, CEO, Chair