Tim Hyland - Certive Health
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Tim Hyland

Chairman, CEO

As an early investor in Certive, Mr. Marreel was instrumental in the formation of Certive’s Advisory Council, which is comprised of healthcare management experts. He has been involved in healthcare benefit plan financing, plan design, and marketing for over thirty years. He held key positions at William Mercer, Schaller Anderson Inc., The Segal Company and is founder and CEO of Marreel Slater Insurance, a healthcare consulting and benefit brokerage company in Phoenix, Arizona. At Schaller Anderson, Inc., a health management and consulting company based in Phoenix, Arizona, Tom became senior vice president assuming development and oversight of the commercial self-funded business sector. He had a primary role in building this business that was ultimately sold to Aetna in 2007. Mr. Marreel is also supervising in sales and marketing activities.