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Investor Relations

Strategic Product Rollouts Increase ROI

With identical BOD, Advisory Council, mission statement, and a closely held capitalization, Certive Solutions is strategically positioned as a public company to use the financial markets to fund and support its growth.  The ability to move quickly in both its business and financial transactions gives Certive another form of competitive advantage as we execute and help the healthcare industry achieve its goals.

$8.5 Billion

2018 US Healthcare IT Investment

The Tech Boom is Spilling Over Into Healthcare At An Unprecedented Rate. Get Ahead Or Be Left Behind.

Investing In Certive Is Investing In The Future

Certive’s clear ability to integrate valuable subsidiaries that have significant growth trajectories will provide the core value to Certive’s investors. What is less obvious, but highly significant, is Certive’s deep understanding of the value of Brand Equity. Certive Health’s ability to engage the Healthcare market and establish a strong sense of trust, value, ability, and execution establishes us, and our subsidiaries, as highly valued resources. This trusted position of thought leadership will allow us to roll out relevant, competitive products through our subsidiaries, which is embraced by the marketplace, and favorable to our bottom line.