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Identification Accurate and Recovery We Identify and Recover More

Our Experience Is

That We Recover


Lost Revenue

The Difference Is In The Details

Omega’s Lost Charge Recovery Service retroactively identifies and verifies reimbursement dollars owed to hospitals from government and commercial payers. Using a proprietary blend of data science analytics and workflow technology combined with in house clinical recovery specialists, Omega uncovers substantial missing charges that should have been billed and claims that have been incorrectly paid.


Our hybrid AI/Human methodology has generated more recoverable revenue, more efficiently and more accurately than any industry competitor making Omega your clear choice in Lost Revenue Recovery.


Omega does this on a contingency basis with no upfront fees to your hospital.


Average Identified


Per 150 Bed Hospital


With Zero Upfront Fees

25+ Years of Expertise

Proprietary Technology Paired With Subject Matter Experts

Omega’s methodologies, technologies, and efficiency have been proven and perfected over 27 years of healthcare revenue cycle experience. Our constant focus on results is why Omega identifies more claim errors and missed charges than competing services, often finding additional revenue even after competing services have performed a similar service.


Omega’s proprietary technology uncovers more. Additionally, we make it simple to add your unique edit definitions to maximize revenue recovery and customize the results specifically for your hospital.

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Recover Your Lost Revenue

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Omega’s Clear Value To Hospitals

Highest Level Of Lost Revenue Recovery

Increased Net Patient Revenue

Claim Accuracy and Compliance

Zero Increase In Costs

Hand Reviewed by Subject Matter Experts

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