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Certive Announces New Hospital and Service Offering Implementation Become a Shareholder Applying Become a shareholder in Certive Health and support our Mission in Making Healthcare Better. MAKING BETTER to solve the problems of the Healthcare Communities we serve. Certive Announces New Hospital and Service Offering Implementation
HEALTHCARE NEWS March 26, 2021

Lost Charge

Omega’s Lost Charge Recovery Service identifies, verifies, and recovers missed hospital revenue with no upfront fees.

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Certive Health

Certive provides thought leadership and market insight through its subsidiaries and extended executive management team to Hospitals and Healthcare Administrators.


Certive’s unique perspective identifies root causes, recommended management actions, and priorities so that the hospital’s own internal process improvement programs ensure problems are solved.

Certive Is Healthcare Information Technology

We Provide Solutions To Hospitals And Healthcare Administrators

Our healthcare industry partners trust Certive, and its product portfolio and services, to future proof their management, systems, revenue cycle management, regulatory, and other strategic initiatives.


As a Healthcare Technology solution provider, our role is to stay one step ahead of the rapidly shifting healthcare industry environment.


Understanding the pressures put on our clients by declining reimbursements, increased risk, regulatory compliance, and margin pressure we partner with Hospitals, health systems, and healthcare administrators to maximize revenue, improve operational workflow, and increase productivity.

$8.5 Billion

2018 US Healthcare IT Investment

The Tech Boom Is Spilling Over into Healthcare At An Unprecedented Rate.

Get Ahead Or Be Left Behind.

Lost Charge Recovery For Hospitals


Omega’s Lost Charge Recovery Service retroactively identifies and verifies reimbursement dollars owed to hospitals from government and commercial payers. Using a proprietary blend of data science analytics and workflow technology combined with in house clinical recovery specialists, Omega uncovers substantial missing charges that should have been billed and claims that have been incorrectly paid.


Our hybrid AI/Human methodology has generated more recoverable revenue, more efficiently and more accurately than any industry competitor making Omega your clear choice in Lost Revenue Recovery.

Technology Enabled Services and Solutions for The Healthcare Industry


Stop Struggling, Start Planning

For hospitals, internal audit and compliance programs are now a requirement, not and option. Certive’s broad experience base ensures the integrity of the hospital’s revenue and compliance of its processes.  The core of Certive’s Omega subsidiary’s offerings is built on its Revenue Integrity Analytics platform.  Complimented by its Eligibility, ChargeMASTER, Claims Management, and OCExaminer™ modules, Omega can bring a broad perspective and process automation to its clients.  Certive’s extended technical capabilities in analytics, workflow, and marketing automation combined with clinical and payer side experience helps our clients reduce costs, improve outcomes and increase patient satisfaction even as the landscape of the Revenue Cycle industry changes.

Certive Is Your Healthcare Technology Partner

Innovation Ahead Of The Rest

What We Do

Recover Lost Charge Revenues

Meet Regulatory Compliance Objectives

Systems Training, Education, And Support

Performance Management Dashboards

Strategic Planning and Implementation

What Our Clients Say

Missing Charges has Lifted Net Revenue by Millions of Dollars

Dashboards Made it Possible to Start Managing Instead of Reacting. Thank You.

Showing Us “How” to Request Denied Claims has Brought Huge Value to Our Future Business.