Hospital Revenue Integrity - Certive Health
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Certive’s Revenue Integrity AnalyticsTM platform is based on a unique blend of data science, clinical expertise, and administrative process knowledge.

Broad Experience Base and Proven Solutions

Certive Health’s experience base ensures the integrity of the hospital’s revenue and compliance of its processes. The core of Certive Health’s Revenue Solutions offering is built on its Revenue Integrity Analytics™ platform.


  • Eligibility
  • ChargeMASTER™
  • Claims Management
  • OCExaminer™


Extended technical capabilities in analytics, workflow, and marketing automation combined with clinical and payer side experience helps our clients reduce costs, improve outcomes, and increase patient satisfaction.

With the recent introduction of our new Cyber Security Assessment offering. Certive Health offers another layer of protection for hospital compliance. See Certive Health Compliance Solutions for more information.


The Management Action Plan (MAP) provides hospital management with a tool for implementing the recommendations in the Assessment.


The Assessment is the starting point to understand the charging practices at your facility and to identify gaps and opportunities to capture additional revenue.

  • Audit & Compliance

    • Lost Charge Recovery
    • DRG Revenue Assurance
    • Denial Management
    • Price Transparency





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  • Cash Acceleration

    • Early-Out
    • Short Pay
    • Billing Support
    • Insurance Receivable Backlog
    • Legacy Conversion



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  • Software Solutions

    • ChargeMASTERTM CDM Integrity
    • OCExaminerTM Claims Integrity








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Proprietary Technology Paired With Subject Matter Experts

Omega’s methodologies, technologies, and efficiencies have been proven and perfected over 25+ years in healthcare revenue cycle experience. Omega’s subject matter expertise, deep understanding of payers, industry connectivity, and a consultative approach translates into superior results, and an improved client experience.


Recognize Additional NPR

Supporting Documentation of Proposed Billing Practice Changes

Charges Verified by Manual Comparison to Medical Record

Claim Accuracy and Compliance

Root Cause Analysis and Management Action Plan to Avoid Future Missed Charges

Zero Increase in Cost, Collaborative Process

Schedule a no-cost assessment or phone call to learn more about how Omega can uncover lost charges and add revenue to your bottom line.