About - Certive Health
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Making healthcare better by applying its People-Equity and Capital to provide solutions in the healthcare communities it serves. 





To leverage its people’s experience, expertise, and relationships in the US healthcare sector.

Certive Health’s Evolution

Company founded
Logo Omega Solutions Lost Charge Recovery


Building the Foundation

On July 15, 2015, the Company acquired Omega Technology Solutions LLC, a company built from the ground up over a period of 25+ years. With that acquisition, the Company established a technology and IP base and the ability to provide several core revenue cycle services. Certive secured a toehold in a segment of the overall hospital revenue cycle market.


The Advisory Council

Led by Tom Marreel, the Company had assembled the foundation of its Advisory Council which is comprised of accomplished senior healthcare executives. As Advisors, these executives guide Certive to realize its vision of becoming a significant contributor to healthcare change. Every member of the Advisory Council is also an investor in the company. The Advisory Council represents the People-Equity around which the Company is being built.


Strengthening the Management Team

Recognizing the opportunity that lay ahead, several changes in management were made as Tom Marreel joined the team as CEO and Timothy Hyland joined as CFO. Both consummate leaders, their experience and connectivity in healthcare has positioned the Company to achieve its vision.


Grow Revenue with an Eye on the Future.

Focus on most profitable services, LCR, and acquiring new clients. Regional representatives with access to clients are signed as BD Associates, investments into modern marketing.


Expand Services

Centered around healthcare reform, Certive Health begins to expand service offerings based on internal IP and partnerships. Inbound marketing has begun to shape new thinking and expansion of relationships with clients.

Next Phase of Growth.

Healthcare is new again.

With internal systems and processes in place, execute on fast growth through, innovation, complimentary acquisitions, and modern marketing.



Capture more revenue

Supporting Documentation of Billing Practices

Charges Verified by Manual Comparison to Medical Record

Claim Accuracy and Compliance

Root Cause Analysis and Management Action Plan to Avoid Future Missed Charges

Lower Costs, Greater Efficiency

Schedule a no-cost assessment or phone call to learn more about how Omega can uncover lost charges and add revenue to your bottom line.