Certive Announces New Hospital Client and New Service Offerings - Certive Health
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Certive Announces New Hospital Client and New Service Offerings

Certive Announces New Hospital Client and New Service Offerings

Scottsdale Arizona and Vancouver British Columbia – Certive Solutions Inc. (OTCQB:CTVEF CSE:CBP) (“Certive” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce the following: 

New Hospital Client – Certive is pleased to announce that it will provide its Lost Charge Recovery (“LCR”) services to a children’s hospital in the northeastern United States. The hospital is an acute pediatric hospital with 200+ beds and a Level 1 Trauma unit. A client with this profile has historically proven to provide a good combination of need for the Company’s services yet is nimble enough to embrace vendor help. Certive is focused on leveraging its strong connectivity with children’s hospitals around the country and is pursuing many of them in its sales pipeline. 

New Service Offerings – Certive has been collaborating with its clients to improve and expand service offerings. We are pleased to report that one of these new services has moved into beta testing based on positive initial trial results. This service improvement initiative provides hospital clients with the opportunity to eliminate missed charges on the front end resulting in more first time clean, complete, and compliant claims being sent to the hospital client’s payers resulting in a reduction of denials, lower cost of collections and improved A/R turnover. 

These improved solutions for hospital clients are the direct result of the Company’s continuous improvement efforts and new product development efforts. The Company looks forward to moving this initiative into production soon. 

For more information regarding this announcement, please visit our website at https://certivehealth.com or contact Certive directly at (480) 922-5327. 

Scott Thomas 

Investor Relations, Certive Solutions Inc. 


About Certive Solutions Inc. 

Certive Solutions Inc. (Scottsdale, Arizona) is currently 100% focused on the operations and value proposition of Certive Health Inc. and its subsidiaries. With identical Leadership, Board of Directors, Advisory Council and Vision, Certive Solutions is strategically positioned as a public company. All are investors in the company – all have significant networks. Their collective experience, expertise, and relationships is the people-equity upon which the company was founded. Certive Health’s vision is making the $3.7 trillion healthcare market better by applying its People-Equity and Capital to solutions in the healthcare communities it serves. Certive Health’s revenue cycle services and solutions help hospitals work through the complexity of the reimbursement process and improve financial and quality performance. 


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