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Certive Announces New Partnership and Offering Close

Scottsdale Arizona and Vancouver British Columbia – Certive Solutions Inc. (“Certive” or the “Company”) (OTC:CTVEF) (CSE:CBP) is pleased to announce the following:

Opportunities – Certive’s hospital revenue cycle expertise, coupled with its expanding visibility and relationships within the health care industry, is opening the door to many new opportunities. Certive is being approached for relationships with several providers of cutting-edge technologies and services that are looking for entry into the hospital marketplace. This is also leading to an expansion of Certive’s Advisory Council with additional healthcare and business professionals committed to developing programs and services that will expand and improve healthcare resources in the communities we serve. Certive believes the following new business partnership and potentially others will reward its shareholders.

Partnership – Certive’s wholly owned subsidiary, Certive Health Compliance Solutions, Inc. (“CHCS”), has executed a binding Memorandum of Understanding with TechSlayers LLC, a Wyoming Limited Liability Company, with its principal business in Phoenix, Arizona. TechSlayers’ RED TEAM SUITE of products provide state-of-the-art, continuous, HIPAA-compliant security solutions which safeguard health care clients from adversarial cyber-attacks. These zero-trust architecture products are focused on External Security, Internal Security and Active Security. CHCS will serve as a preferred partner in selling TechSlayers RED TEAM SUITE of products in the health care space, including providing onboarding, training, and customer service for healthcare clients. The Parties have agreed to work collaboratively in expanding the footprint of TechSlayers’ best-in-class RED TEAM SUITE in the healthcare space. Brandon Shake, TechSlayers CEO, commented “Most health care leaders are worried they may be the next target of a cyber security breach and do not know where to start. We built Red Team Suite to automate penetration testing, simplify cyber security, and show businesses what the bad guys will do to harm their business. Together with Certive, we will better serve the health care communities’ cyber security needs, so health care leaders can operate more confidently and focus on what they are passionate about.”

“This new partnership with TechSlayers opens up a significant revenue stream for the Company, and we are excited to see such a high level of market demand for these cyber security services,” said Certive CEO, Tom Marreel. “Developing partnerships such as this is becoming an evolving part of our product strategy. Our goal is to ensure our partners and customers have secure and compliant IT platforms with a high level of certainty.”

Offering Close – The Company is also pleased to announce that effective October 15, 2021, the Company closed its Offering of 10% 48-month convertible promissory notes, which are convertible into common shares of the Company at $0.14/share. In addition, as noted in a previous Press Release, the Company has committed to use 1/4 of its receipts collected from four hospital clients for the repayment of such notes. Under such Offering, the Company issued notes totaling $1.14M. Of the $1.14M, $94K were notes issued to Company’s CFO and CEO, and $135K were issued to several members of Certive’s Advisory Council. Scott Thomas, Senior Vice President of Investor Relations commented, “These continued investments in Certive, led by our Management Team, with strong participation by several members of our Advisory Council, reinforce the high level of confidence that we all have in Certive and its ability to positively affect our clients and the communities they serve.”

For more information regarding this announcement, please visit our website at https://certivehealth.com or contact Certive directly at (480) 228-5881.

Scott Thomas

Investor Relations, Certive Solutions Inc.


About Certive Solutions Inc.

Certive Solutions Inc. (Scottsdale, Arizona) is currently 100% focused on the operations and value proposition of its wholly owned subsidiary, Certive Health Inc., and its subsidiaries. With identical Board of Directors, Management, Advisory Council, Mission and Vision, Certive Solutions is strategically positioned as a public company. All are investors in the company – all have significant networks. Their collective experience, expertise, and relationships is the people-equity upon which the company was founded. Certive Health’s vision is making the $3.7 trillion healthcare market better by applying its People-Equity and Capital to solutions in the healthcare communities it serves. Certive Health’s revenue cycle services and solutions assist hospitals with the complexity of the reimbursement process and improve their financial and quality performance.


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